Day One: 340: Unprocessed Food Challenge Has Begun


After my recent trip to San Diego, I decided that I would spend the next month eating nothing but unprocessed, whole plant food. So I can eat junk food if I really want to…but I have to make it from the bottom up. With the challenge set, I ate raw yesterday. Fresh veggies and raw salsa for lunch. When I got home, I made a beet and white bean hummus and a batch of hummus from my favorite recipe site: fatfreevegan.com. I guess if anyone starts reading this, I’ll add in links to specific recipes. Right now, I’m writing this for my own accountability. I’ll be flying to Los Angeles in January for an event planners conference. I’d like to feel and look better by then. Hoping a month of eating whole will contribute to a sense of overall wellness.


4 thoughts on “Day One: 340: Unprocessed Food Challenge Has Begun

  1. good luck Chris! I know you can do it! I am also, eating from the garden to the table….Christmas time is going to be a Hugh challenge, for me. I have several parties in the coming weeks and no willpower!

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