Day Three: 339: This is taking an awfully long time, Fatman

I’m like most chronic dieters: i’ve lost hundreds of pounds over the years. Sometime in 2012 I reached my lowest weight in about 15 years — 310 pounds. As a trip to Paris approached, I was closing in on that elusive number that I craved — anything below 300. I missed it and by the time I returned from Paris, I’d added a few pounds back on. By the following summer of 2013, I’d gained back 50 pounds. So proud.

So in the spirit of confession being good for the soul. Here is where I started, in early 2012. DSCN0154

My weight here is 385 pounds, or my heaviest weight ever.

And then about six months later…


At my thinnest (and proudest) at the Paris Opera House. My favorite photo from that trip.

I’m somewhere in between that now. I don’t know how much weight it adds, but shame and regret make me feel heavier every day.

No scale check today. Still hungry.


4 thoughts on “Day Three: 339: This is taking an awfully long time, Fatman

  1. I wish you didn’t feel so much shame and regret, but I am in the exact same boat. Six months ago I meant to lose only 15-20 pounds before my daughter’s Scottish wedding. The wedding is less than a month away and I weigh exactly what I did when I was so determined to lose those pounds. My biggest regret and shame: my belly fat.

    • Carolyne, I feel your pain. There have been a few life events for which I had grand plans of debuting a new me — most recently, my passage from 49 to 50. Hold yourself proudly, as you should, and know that you are exactly as you should be right now! And I will do the same.

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