Day Five: 336: The Unprocessed Food Challenge

Ahh, that first initial weight loss that I experience when I’ve buckled down to my program sure can be sweet. It can also be a yellow caution sign warning me not to get cocky. I’m mean, really, my first thought this morning when I got on the scale to see that I’d dropped another two pounds, was that I should celebrate with a seven-scoop Matterhorn sundae at Baskin Robbins. I’m not going to, and the thought passed quickly — but it amazes me that it is there.

scaleMy response to good news is eating. I can respond similarly to bad news, irritation, love, rejection, anger, driving, parking, walking, sitting or standing. I don’t know if fleeing a fascist regime in the middle of the night would prompt the same response, but my guess is, yes, it would.

So in THESE salad days, I’m going to remember the title of Dr. Joel Fuhrman‘s book (the one, incidentally, that was the impetus for this nutritional journey back in 2012). The title, Eat To Live, is a ready reminder that I’m not supposed to use food to highlight, buttress or quell everything I’m feeling. I’m to use (and enjoy) food so that my body is as able to deal with my path in the world as well as possible.

Total weight loss is four pounds. Still hungry.


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