Day Four: 338: The Unprocessed Food Challenge


IMG_20141019_115024Okay, I’m four days in. The unprocessed food challenge has had its challenges. I think about bread a lot, I’m not gonna lie. And I’ve considered starting my own religion where Doritos are the communion wafer. But I’m down two pounds. Focusing on doing the right thing is easier when you see the results.


Raw vegetables and Beet and White Hummus (made from scratch with ALL whole foods).


I ate the last of a pumpkin stew with beans. Yes, I’m still hungry. But it isn’t an insistent hunger…I can work through it. Knitting a project for an upcoming class at the library — a balaclava that resembles gear from the television show Game of Thrones. So I’m channeling my inner medieval, fantasy warrior. He’s strong and handsome and brave. He’s also thinking about French fries. Just thinking.

I’ve got a pair of pants that I’ve been trying on each morning. I wore them in Paris in 2012. When they fit again, I’ll know that I’m making positive strides. And I’ll let  you know. ‘night.


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