Day Twenty: 318: Dieting in the Monastery

It is day twenty of my challenge to eat only unprocessed, whole food for one month. I have kept my promise with the exception of vegetable juice (low sodium) that I have been drinking during my recovery from a recent gastrointestinal illness. But I have not wavered otherwise, and have eaten vegan, whole, plant-strong food for twenty days. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. Gastrointestinal illnesses blow. Gastrointestinal illnesses caused by reckless and unmindful eating blow even harder. I hang my head in shame for what I went through, but I am glad to be recovering.

2. No food or amount of food will fill up a monastery constructed out of loneliness. Turns out, until I can tear this monastery down, better to rattle around in it on a less than full stomach. Eating to excess just makes the monastery more efficiently empty — devoid of light, sound and company.Empty_Room_Kadan_Monastery

3. I do want to appreciate the healthy food choices that I make, each one a deconstruction of the above mentioned monastery. For those who are interested, here’s is what I’m making for my Christmas dinner: Crispy Cornmeal Potato Fries and Rainbow Vegetable Slaw. Both are pretty lean and healthy and, for me, have an element of celebration. One is like midnight movie food and one reminds me of a family picnic. And only this chatelaine can and will be in charge of the portions, which can be fit for a person ringing in the season or can be enough to close the monastery for another season. Wish me luck.

4. F**k the monastery.

Since October, I’ve lost a total of 44 pounds. Since this project began, I’ve lost 22 pounds. Much of that weight loss came during my GI issues. Seed Bezoar, best diet ever. Hey, if you can’t laugh…

More soon. Eat well.


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