Day Twenty-nine: 315: Almost at the Finish Line

The end of my unprocessed food challenge is coming to a close tomorrow. I’m flying to Los Angeles, so I likely won’t post anything tomorrow — so here’s a wrap up:

I wanted to eat only unprocessed food for thirty days. Though I can’t say that I was perfect, the most challenging days of the cycle (Christmas Eve and Day, New Year’s Day) passed very easily. My hurdles turned out to be related to an intestinal blockage that made eating anything (except processed vegetable juice) really difficult. Aside from that (and some pretzels that I consumed in an attempt to feel celebratory, which didn’t work), I’ve stuck with my goal.

When I began, I weighed in at 342. This morning, I stepped on the scale with trepidation, but felt okay about weighing in at 315. A lot of that weight came off during my week or so of illness, but despite the difficulties of the blockage, I embrace the weight loss and will capitalize on it in this new year. I’m walking around right now, today, twenty-seven pounds lighter!

And here is my new challenge, which I will describe more fully in my next post:

If I can run, walk or bike the equivalent number of miles from Denver to Key West in the next six months, then I’m going for a holiday in Key West. It’s a pretty ridiculous challenge of 2220 miles, but how awesome will it be if I pull it off? And yes, this is a picture of sunset in Key West.


More soon. Eat healthy.


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