New Year, New Challenge: 2,220 Miles From Denver to Key West

So for my next trick, I decided that I would make the following challenge to myself:

If I can walk, bike or run (going to have to build up to that one) the equivalent of the mileage from Denver, Colorado to Key West, Florida — 2,220 miles — within a period of five and half months, then I would reward myself with a trip to Key West, where I have never been and have always wanted to explore.


Keeping track of my miles has become infinitely easier with the purchase of a Fitbit. It is also a wonderful motivational tool as it pits me against the me of yesterday to push my limits each day. So far this year I’ve logged  153.5 miles. If I were driving to Key West right now, I would be on the side of the road somewhere between Arriba, Colorado and Burlington, Colorado.

I will need to log at least 15 miles per day between now and May 31st in order to complete the challenge. So that you can keep up with my progress at a glance, these challenges posts will be titled thusly: 153.5 Miles Down, 2066.5 Miles To Go.

And I’ll throw in a weigh-in every Monday morning, too.

Wish me luck! Keep eating healthy!


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